Made in KOREA

Finnilo contact directly with POSCO's Korean plant for 304 stainless steel. and carefully inspects design, product production, and coating at finnilo’s own factory and produces them directly. All processes are manufactured according to the safety standards of the Korea Food and Drug Administration and are made thinking about the green environment.


Good appetite

finnilo's cookware uses 3PLY or 5PLY stainless Clad to minimize nutrient loss with strong heat capacity and conductivity, making it delicious.


All of finnio's products are stylish designed to suit the characteristics of each dish, making the interior space more beautiful.


Made in Korea. From stainless steel materials (POSCO's Korea) to plant to design, product production, and coating. It is made safe according to the standards of the Korea Food and Drug Administration.


finnilo cookware that provides optimal efficiency when using induction. You can get it and use it strong, fast, and save energy. In addition, it can be used conveniently by applying a safe coating on a stainless pan that is difficult to use without pre-heating.


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Made safety from the basic material.

finnilo is made by safety raw materials using Made in Korea and 304 stainless steel at POSCO's Korea plant.

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상호: 핀일로 대표자:나혜정

주소: 충청남도 아산시 둔포면 아산밸리 북로 111-11

사업자등록번호: 521-86-00423

통신판매신고업번호: 2017-충남아산-0199

개인정보관리자: 나혜미   전화번호: 070-8872-8599   호스팅제공자: (주)아임웹

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