finnilo cookware is made of a 5PLY stainless steel clad body, therefore you can cook moisture and low-oil dishes with high heat storage and thermal conductivity. Also It is possible to cook more conveniently and safely with a high induction use. Here are recipes that can make it more delicious and healthy with finnilo.
Fresh fruit jam

Finnilo stainless 5PLY Pot is made of stainless 5Ply clad body, so you can make fruit jam delicious and healthy without sticking and burned.

Fruit boiled pork

Finnilo stainless 5ply Pot has a wide body and high heat storage power, which is an advantage of 5ply stainless clad, so you can cook with natural taste and flavor. If you put fruits and vegetables first and put a block of pork, and cook them subtly, the taste and aroma of the fruits and vegetables will be soaked in the meat to make delicious boiled pork.

Souffle Pancake

Finnilo 5ply Stainless Coating Frying Pan uses the finest coating from Withford, USA, on top of the 5-layer clad body, making it easy to cook with amazing heat storage and nonstick power. With abundant heat and strong induction usage index, you can make soft pancakes delicious as if you were cooking in an oven with just a low heat.

Asparagus soup

Finnilo stainless 5ply Pot can be used safely without worrying about peeling the coating using internal POSCO 304 stainless steel. In addition, you can cook deliciously over low heat without worrying about sticking or burning by pressing it with a 5ply stainless clad body. By applying tulip lim, you can use it conveniently without worrying about spilling it when pouring the food.

Onepan eggroll

finnilo brunch pan is a 5ply stainless clad body, and you can cook soft eggs on low heat. In particular, brunch pans have a wide square shape, making rolled eggs easy and delicious at once.

Onepot Japchae

Finnilo 5ply stainless coating work is made of 5ply clad body, it has excellent heat storage power, so the scent of vegetables is alive without sticking to the low-water dish using the moisture of the vegetables, and the noodles of japchae are delicious and healthy.

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