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It's a premium kitchenware for a perfect kitchen.



Good appetite

finnilo's cookware uses 3PLY or 5PLY stainless Clad to minimize nutrient loss with strong heat capacity and conductivity, making it delicious.


All of finnio's products are stylish designed to suit the characteristics of each dish, making the interior space more beautiful.


Made in Korea. From stainless steel materials (POSCO's Korea) to plant to design, product production, and coating. It is made safe according to the standards of the Korea Food and Drug Administration.


finnilo cookware that provides optimal efficiency when using induction. You can get it and use it strong, fast, and save energy. In addition, it can be used conveniently by applying a safe coating on a stainless pan that is difficult to use without pre-heating.


HeatBank tecology

finnilo's technology uses cladding materials that apply magnification of the type and thickness of metal optimized for cooking to control and maintain optimal heat to cook deliciously.

Finnilo Stainless Coating technology

This is the special coating for stainless clad-only coating method that can be used longer than the existing coating and has excellent non-stick function, making it the best coating that can be used safely with less oil.

Amors stainless steel coating

It is a safe coating that can be used beautifully and safely with a stainless steel-only coating method using ceramic coating. It is a ceramic coating made by applying a technology called "Amorphus" used to make semiconductors, which improves hardness, is resistant to thermal shock, and is durable. It has a high far-infrared radiation rate and excellent thermal insulation, helping to cook more delicious dishes.

Twin washing technique

In order to minimize abrasive residual oil, which is a characteristic of stainless steel products, it is shipped after double washing with clean water.


Stainless Steel


Stainless steel is a compound word of stainless (rust)+stainless steel (iron) made by adding chromium (Cr) and nickel (Ni) to iron (Fe) so as not to sweep rust, which is a disadvantage of the metal material. In other words, it is a rust-resistant metal and does not affect the human body, and the advantages of stainless steel products are durable, versatile, and safe and worry-free, it is the best material to use for tableware.
The disadvantages of stainless steel are that it is difficult to process, the material is expensive, the weight is heavier than aluminum, and the speed of heat conduction is slow. However, once heated, it has good heat conservation to store for a long time. To compensate for the shortcomings of such materials, the new material made by combining aluminum and stainless steel is the clad metal used by finnilo.


Type of stainless steel

There are various steel types of stainless steel depending on the composition of the material. Among them, 304 stainless of austenite are generally safely used for tableware. In addition, 316 stainless steel, which is used as a surgical material, is used as a higher-end material more safely by adding Maldives or titanium. Stainless steel 201 or 400-series of materials are not suitable for dishware on the side where the food closes directly.

Stainless Steel

What is Clad metal?


3PLY and 5PLY Stainless Clad metal is a material that can be used efficiently by layering different metal materials (stainless steel, aluminum, copper) on each layer and bonding them eco-friendly.

This has the advantage of excellent thermal conductivity, good heat preservation, and high efficiency when using induction compared to triple bottom products made by attaching capsules or bonds only to the floor and aluminum body.
All of finnilo's cookware is making cookware using a clad metal that combines these advantages.

Cast iron
Stainless 3PLY bottom capsuled
5PLY Stainless Clad

(cast iron, aluminum, stainless 3PLY bottom capsuled, and 5PLY Stainless Clad finnilo pot thermal imaging camera comparison photos)

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