Ika inc. is a pure Korean small and Giant company that manufactures and produce kitchenware directly at 6,000m2 area factory in Techno Valley in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea. Our company has 20 years of stainless steel product manufacturing technology, enabling high-quality product production, and collaborates with chefs, food stylists and kitchenware designers to plan and design products. It has excellent competitiveness in productivity and quality as it has a professional coating production line that can be mass-produced in a short period of time by differentiating itself from other companies and coating stainless steel exclusively.
It is an object that upgrades the kitchen space with a sensuous and convenient design by breaking away from the general kitchenware design, and is receiving enthusiastic choices from consumers, and even adding high-efficiency induction functions to impress consumers beyond satisfaction. We will work hard to produce and develop products that will satisfy all customers who love finnilo.

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Heyjung Na. 


Corporate Profile

Company name: Eka inc. (President & CEO Ms. Heyjung Na.)

Date of Establishment: Oct 9, 2016

HQ Address: 111-11 Asanvalley bukro, Dunpo-myeon, Asan-si,  Korea

Main products: Stainless Cookware

Capacity: 60,000 pcs per month

Phone number: 82-41-549-7117

Fax: 82-41-549-7118
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2016. 9 Established by Ika inc.   2017. 08 Start of Production by automation line   2018. 01 Hyundai Home Shopping Launching and Sales Start   2018. 08 Stainless Coating Pan Launching   2019. 02 German Frankfurt Ambient Exhibition   2020. 03 Finnilo cumulative sales break through 300,000 cases.   2020. 05 Customer Love Brand Award for 2 consecutive years   2020. 03 Galleria Department Store Center City Branch begin selling   2020. 05 Customer Love Brand Award for 3 consecutive years.   2021.08 Korea Brand K selection.

Place of Sale

Galleria Department Store (Center City Branch)
Polar at Home (Seoul)
finnilo Factory (Asan)
Naver Smart Store
Hyundai Home Shopping
CJ Mall

상호: 핀일로 대표자:나혜정

주소: 충청남도 아산시 둔포면 아산밸리 북로 111-11

사업자등록번호: 521-86-00423

통신판매신고업번호: 2017-충남아산-0199

개인정보관리자: 나혜미   전화번호: 070-8872-8599   호스팅제공자: (주)아임웹

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